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The Importance of Engaging First Year Students

January 7, 2016 0

Student Engagement is the key to success in the first year of university. Student engagement in the first year depends on many factors such as student expectations and aspirations, disciplinary context and class size. The following strategies provide a guide for engaging students during their first year. … >> Read More

Higher Ed Pros Should Direct Students to Mental Health Help

February 3, 2016 0

Our students deal with a lot of stress, anxiety, and social pressures. And they’re not alone. According to a report cited by a HuffPost College article, the number of students who report suffering from depression, anxiety and social anxiety, is rising. These students need guidance to develop the skills necessary… >> Read More

Quickly and Effectively Engage and Retain Students Right Now

January 7, 2016 1

Engaging students in their first year of college is critical to student retention, and sets the tone for the remainder of their educational career at that institution. The connections and affiliations that a student makes during their first year will help set their course for the years to come. … >> Read More

Where You’ll Want to Eat At ACPA’16

March 4, 2016 0

If you’re coming to Montreal for ACPA 2016 then you’re no doubt wondering how you’re going to decide where to eat. I don’t blame you for being uncertain. There’s a lot of places you’re going to want to eat in Montreal. Unfortunately, the convention only lasts 3 days so at… >> Read More

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Never Miss an OOHLALA Moment

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