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Author: Amanda L. Shore

You Need a Mobile Private Social Network for Your Campus

A mobile private social network is an invaluable tool for increasing campus connectivity because it faciliates student and administration communication.

How Does a College App Drive Student Engagement?

What does it mean to have a college app? How can a college app impact student engagement? What proof is…

Things to do around the Indianapolis Convention Centre

The NASPA 2016 Conference in Indianapolis is an excellent opportunity to make professional connections and learn from other professionals in…

NASPA Conference Sessions to Attend in Indianapolis

Let’s be frank; there are a lot of sessions to choose from at the NASPA Conference in Indianapolis. You can’t…

Where You’ll Want to Eat At ACPA’16

If you’re coming to Montreal for ACPA 2016 then you’re no doubt wondering how you’re going to decide where to…

10 French Phrases for Surviving ACPA Montreal

ACPA Montreal is just around the corner. As a resident of Montreal I can’t wait to welcome you all to…

5 Picks for ACPA 2016 Educational Sessions

ACPA 2016 is almost here. Bags are being packed, flights have been booked. In less than a week higher ed…

LMS Systems Need To Be Student-Centered and Mobile

LMS Systems that are available on mobile and promote student-centered learning are ideal for student engagement, student success and student retention.

The Impressive Mobile Lives of College Students

The world was completely flipped on its head on June 29th, 2007. On that day, the introduction of Apple’s iPhone…

How To Engage Students by Defining Student Engagement

Promote engagement by: connecting students with their classmates by encouraging collaboration through study sessions; making campus services, department heads and the administration easily accessible to any student who needs information or help, creating and effectively communicating social events that foster social networking such as club fairs, concert events and game nights.

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