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Author: Amanda L. Shore

LMS Systems Need To Be Student-Centered and Mobile

LMS Systems that are available on mobile and promote student-centered learning are ideal for student engagement, student success and student retention.

The Impressive Mobile Lives of College Students

The world was completely flipped on its head on June 29th, 2007. On that day, the introduction of Apple’s iPhone…

How To Engage Students by Defining Student Engagement

Promote engagement by: connecting students with their classmates by encouraging collaboration through study sessions; making campus services, department heads and the administration easily accessible to any student who needs information or help, creating and effectively communicating social events that foster social networking such as club fairs, concert events and game nights.

A Quick Introduction to Student Engagement

An engaged student will: be aware of the areas in which they are not excelling, be able to think critically about what they read and see, be using creative approaches to complete assignments and inform their learning a& be finding ways to work with others to produce effective results.

3 Ways To Improve Student Engagement On Your Campus

Improve engagement on your campus by: Creating an open and welcoming Campus Culture, Providing a variety of Support Services and Being adaptable to changes in Student Expectations.

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