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Author: Brandi Veigh

Let’s Talk About Talking About Rape and Sexual Assault

Trigger warning: This post speaks about rape, victim blaming, rape culture and associated themes. Note: The majority of sexual assaults…

How to Make Campus a Safe Space for LGBTQ

Everyone deserves to an environment that is safe and respectful. Learn how to create a positive environment for LGBTQ staff and students at your school.

Mental Health Issues for Higher Ed: What you need to know

Each year, the needs of students coming to campus change in various ways. However, the thing we have been able…

A Year of Change: Talking about Racism on Campus

In 2015, campuses across North America were abuzz with protests over racism in higher education institutional practices and attitudes. As we enter 2016, it’s time we start addressing issues of racism on campus. Brandi Veigh discusses how to start the conversation for change.

5 Steps to Making the Most Out of Your First Conference

Conferences can be both exciting and intimidating. Make the most out of your first conference by following these tips.

How to Get Students Involved with Student Organizations

When it comes to getting students engaged the personal appeal from an involved party, whether it be a student, alum, or administrator, often works best. Don’t be afraid to be personal with your students. Direct communication can drastically improve your attendance numbers.

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