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Analyzing the Evolution of Higher Learning With Dr. Carney Strange – Part II

Missed Part I? Read it here. Even to this day, the college residential learning model retains its gold standard status in the minds of most, but shifting realities are quickly eroding its limited application. Full-time residence-based study reflects the experience of a relatively small portion of those pursuing advanced education, in all less than a quarter of postsecondary enrolments. The…

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Analyzing the Evolution of Higher Learning feat. Dr. Carney Strange – Part I

From Stability to Mobility: An Emerging Paradigm for Higher Learning Carney Strange, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Bowling Green State University From simple beginnings centuries ago, the roots of today‚Äôs institutions of higher learning most familiar to us lie deep within the culture of a monastic tradition dating to sixth century Rome. There it was that the Rule of Saint Benedict first…

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