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The Evolution of Student Communication

Students Don’t Check Email. Student communication is often decentralized on many campuses. Each department plans and manages their own programming and is responsible for communicating this programming to all students via email. This scattered communication often leads to students missing out of key information about events, programs and campus resources. Students who would have participated in these programs are unable…

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TIME’s 2017 Tech Predictions & Engagement in Higher Ed

Although predictions are not always accurate, tech analyst Tim Bajarin has done his research and forecast technology trends for the last 30 years, so we must give credit where credit is due. What does he believe 2017 has in store for us? And how might these predictions impact engagement in higher education? President Trump’s Impact As Bajarin points out, regardless…

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Let's Talk About Talking About Rape and Sexual Assault

Let’s Talk About Talking About Rape and Sexual Assault

Trigger warning: This post speaks about rape, victim blaming, rape culture and associated themes. Note: The majority of sexual assaults reported are committed by men against women and there are several examples that may be read with a cis-gender connotation. However, we’re using gender neutral terms here because this is an issue that affects every gender. April is Sexual Assault…

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