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Indianapolis Convention Centre

Things to do around the Indianapolis Convention Centre

The NASPA 2016 Conference in Indianapolis is an excellent opportunity to make professional connections and learn from other professionals in the student affairs and higher education field. Although you may be busy with conference activities, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Indianapolis. Assuming that you won’t want to stray too far from the Indianapolis Convention Centre, I’ve…

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want to eat

Where You’ll Want to Eat At ACPA’16

If you’re coming to Montreal for ACPA 2016 then you’re no doubt wondering how you’re going to decide where to eat. I don’t blame you for being uncertain. There’s a lot of places you’re going to want to eat in Montreal. Unfortunately, the convention only lasts 3 days so at most you can go to 9 restaurants, ( 3 meals…

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ACPA Montreal

10 French Phrases for Surviving ACPA Montreal

ACPA Montreal is just around the corner. As a resident of Montreal I can’t wait to welcome you all to this great city. Montreal is one of Canada’s premier French cities. Although many of us do speak English here, knowing a little French will make your convention experience that much more enjoyable. You don’t have to bother with an English/French…

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ACPA 2016

5 Picks for ACPA 2016 Educational Sessions

ACPA 2016 is almost here. Bags are being packed, flights have been booked. In less than a week higher ed professionals from around the globe will be arriving in wintry Montreal, Canada. Seeing as ACPA 2016 will be here practically before you can blink, it’s time to start planning how you’ll spend your time. One thing that’s highly recommended is…

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