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Category: Diversity and Inclusion

The Three C’s of Accessibility

Although accessibility is widely understood as a much-needed consideration within educational contexts, it’s premise remains somewhat ambiguous. In a nutshell,…

4 Good Reasons for Making Friends Online

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, have significantly changed our means of interaction, and, as a result, how we maintain…

How to Make Campus a Safe Space for LGBTQ

Everyone deserves to an environment that is safe and respectful. Learn how to create a positive environment for LGBTQ staff and students at your school.

Welcome International Students By Giving them Helpful Tools

Ask yourself, “How is my institution helping international students become a part of campus life?”

Dealing with Racial Tensions on Campus

Campuses nationwide are confronting unrest about discrimination and the lack of representation for students of color. As a result, student…

A Year of Change: Talking about Racism on Campus

In 2015, campuses across North America were abuzz with protests over racism in higher education institutional practices and attitudes. As we enter 2016, it’s time we start addressing issues of racism on campus. Brandi Veigh discusses how to start the conversation for change.

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