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What Could a Sobriety Movement in 2017 Mean for Student Engagement?

Whereas the offer of a mocktail or non-alcoholic-anything may have once elicited eye-rolls among most partygoers on a Saturday night, sobriety has recently gained some attention as a possible wellness trend in 2017. While the obvious question associated with this trend is why people are opting to cut down or abstain from drinking altogether, I find myself asking what seems…

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The Great Balancing Act of Campus Mental Health Services

An article recently published by InsideHigherEd sheds some light on the ongoing struggle to balance instant response and referral for high-risk students with ongoing counselling and support. As the article points out, limitations related to financial cost and shortage of personnel, coupled with a growing demand for services, has generated a need for triage systems and waiting lists within campus…

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Dear Freshman Self

I am ashamed to admit that I have previously shied away from exercising my right to vote, citing my lack of political knowledge as an excuse- however invalid. We all benefit from a bit of hindsight perspective, so I’ve written a letter to my Freshman self, highlighting three key questions that post-secondary students may want to consider as they strive…

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