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How to Learn on Your Time with Online Learning Platforms

I have been fortunate to work in student affairs for the past several years. It has been a fun and…

Encourage Deep Learning by Emphasizing Study Time

Research shows that the amount of time spent studying isn’t as important as the quality of learning. Students that study…

3 Concrete Ways an SAPro Can Help Students Academically

As the semester progresses, many students struggle with maintaining their grades. They’re tired of the exams, the papers and the…

How Does a College App Drive Student Engagement?

What does it mean to have a college app? How can a college app impact student engagement? What proof is…

Welcome International Students By Giving them Helpful Tools

Ask yourself, “How is my institution helping international students become a part of campus life?”

Avoid the Most Common Mistakes in Event Promotion

In higher ed there are a number of possibilities for event promotion. Unfortunately, our students’ lives are so technologically overwhelming…

5 Innovative Tips to Connect with Your Students

Social media is an amazing resource to share stories and information, as well as to engage with your community. The following tips will help you to improve how you communicate and connect with your students.

5 Steps to Making the Most Out of Your First Conference

Conferences can be both exciting and intimidating. Make the most out of your first conference by following these tips.

3 Easy Ways You Can Help Students Engage with Academic Courses

Student affairs professionals are in a prime position to help students engage in their academics and position themselves for career success after they graduate. Help students by encouraging them to select the things they enjoy, maximize their time and apply their learning to the “real world.”

4 Tips to Increase and Improve Student Involvement

Student involvement is an important part of campus engagement. Students who are involved are more likely to graduate and have positive college experiences.

3 Valuable Communication Tips to Improve Student Success

Student engagement and campus involvement are largely dependent on how you communicate information to students on your campus. It’s important that you put students at the centre of all your communication processes.

How to Embrace Social Media as a Tool to Connect with your Students

Communicating with students is all about being where they are. These days students spend most of their time on social media. Students use social media for entertainment but also to connect with their peers and learn new information. That’s why it’s the ideal place to reach and engage with them.

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