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Mental Health Crisis on Campus

Full Mental Health Infographic: Download Mental health on campus has recently become one of the biggest concerns for higher ed institutions across North America. The number of students suffering from poor mental health is increasing at an alarming rate, and institutions are finding it harder than ever to tackle this issue. A recent study found that 73% of students experience…

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Annual Higher Ed Student Engagement Survey 2017

Survey Results Full Infographic: Download Students’ orientation experience plays a significant role in their perception of their overall college experience, according to data from a new survey released this week. The survey, which explores student life on campus, was conducted by OOHLALA Mobile, a higher education company founded by former student affairs professionals that partners with colleges and universities to develop…

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The Results are in…

…and student engagement is what’s up! A student engagement survey involving more than 15,000 students across 77 institutions throughout Canada and the U.S provided us with some insight into how a mobile app can promote efficacy and strengthen campus connections among users.

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