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Student Affairs: Innovation Meets Experience

Recently, my colleague Haider Ali shared an insightful piece on why missions matter for businesses of all shapes and sizes….

Holding Higher Education Accountable

A recently published article featured on EducationDIVE explores concerns regarding accreditation of post-secondary institutions in the United States. Specifically, it…

Missions Matter.

When I was completing my MBA, one of the most common questions put forward by professors and business leaders was:…

The Pros and Cons of Being A Student Affairs Professional

The field of Student Affairs is both wonderful and challenging. I love working in the field but as with anything, this field comes with its own particular set of difficulties.

The Power to Change is What Drives Students to Get Involved

Why do students volunteer for student organizations or student government? For most students, they get involved because they want to enact change. As student affairs professionals, it’s important that we support our students’ drive for change as best we can.

Why Do We Want a Degree in Higher Education?

There are three primary reasons for getting a degree in higher education; salary, parental expectations and social/societal outcomes. Understanding why your students are at your institution can help you to engage them and improve retention.

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