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Student Affairs: Innovation Meets Experience

Recently, my colleague Haider Ali shared an insightful piece on why missions matter for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As a mission driven student affairs professional, this was clearly something that sat close to his heart and mind. It got me thinking about what’s close to mine. Firstly, I would like to preface this piece by saying that I…

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Holding Higher Education Accountable

A recently published article featured on EducationDIVE explores concerns regarding accreditation of post-secondary institutions in the United States. Specifically, it addresses how graduation rates are being used to inform decisions surrounding institutional accountability and allocation of financial assistance. The question of whether or not these rates are sufficient, or even valid, has led to ongoing tension between college accreditors, the…

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Lighthouse Mission

Missions Matter.

When I was completing my MBA, one of the most common questions put forward by professors and business leaders was: “What is the mission of X company/business?” Innocuous as the question was, the most widely provided – and accepted – answers were always the same: “To maximize shareholder value.” “To make money.” “To increase sales + revenues.” I decided that…

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