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What are Students Talking About?

Mobile technology has fundamentally changed how students engage with their institutions and with each other. Today‚Äôs students are a mobile-first…

Checking Your School’s Vitals with KPIs

KPIs (or Key Performance Indicators) can be an extremely valuable tool for Student Affairs professionals. Simply put, it is impossible…

What We Can Learn From Orientations Past

How can we ensure our services are always getting better? Learning from past experiences is the first step.

First-Year Students Thrive When You Use Tech in Orientation

Although it might seem like orientation is a long ways away, we all know that the best planning begins early,…

The Importance of Engaging First Year Students

Student Engagement is the key to success in the first year of university. Student engagement in the first year depends on many factors such as student expectations and aspirations, disciplinary context and class size. The following strategies provide a guide for engaging students during their first year.

Top 3 Tips for an Awesome Student Orientation

New Student Orientation programs are the first chance to engage new students in the culture, expectations, and resources your institution has to offer. When done right, the results of your efforts are increased retention and student success.

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