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What are Students Talking About?

Mobile technology has fundamentally changed how students engage with their institutions and with each other. Today’s students are a mobile-first generation who see their smartphones as the primary means of interaction with friends, family and institutions. The campus wall on your campus app is a powerful resource for students to participate in these interactions. New Student Hurdles Two of the…

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Checking Your School’s Vitals with KPIs

KPIs (or Key Performance Indicators) can be an extremely valuable tool for Student Affairs professionals. Simply put, it is impossible to measure every single data-point of a business, so KPIs enable us to check the ‘vitals’. Speaking the Language: Leading and Lagging Indicators For the purposes of this discussion, we will be organizing our examples around student retention and orientation.…

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First-Year Students Thrive When You Use Tech in Orientation

Although it might seem like orientation is a long ways away, we all know that the best planning begins early, (or has already begun!). A cohort of new students will soon be arriving, eager to discover the campus, make new friends, explore new academic pursuits, and indulge in all that you offer during orientation. However, for these,(predominantly), Generation Z-ers, they’ll…

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