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Supporting the Spectrum: Autism on Campus

The number of college entrants self-identifying as having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a group of complex neuro-developmental disorders, has risen dramatically in the past decade. This trend- prompted by increased diagnosis rates, early intervention, and ongoing support- has allowed for the successful integration of more and more students with ASD into mainstream education. At least, until they become adults. Now,…

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What Could a Sobriety Movement in 2017 Mean for Student Engagement?

Whereas the offer of a mocktail or non-alcoholic-anything may have once elicited eye-rolls among most partygoers on a Saturday night, sobriety has recently gained some attention as a possible wellness trend in 2017. While the obvious question associated with this trend is why people are opting to cut down or abstain from drinking altogether, I find myself asking what seems…

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Let's Talk About Talking About Rape and Sexual Assault

Let’s Talk About Talking About Rape and Sexual Assault

Trigger warning: This post speaks about rape, victim blaming, rape culture and associated themes. Note: The majority of sexual assaults reported are committed by men against women and there are several examples that may be read with a cis-gender connotation. However, we’re using gender neutral terms here because this is an issue that affects every gender. April is Sexual Assault…

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Mental Health

Higher Ed Pros Should Direct Students to Mental Health Help

Our students deal with a lot of stress, anxiety, and social pressures. And they’re not alone. According to a report cited by a HuffPost College article, the number of students who report suffering from depression, anxiety and social anxiety, is rising. These students need guidance to develop the skills necessary to cope with their mental health issues. Here are some…

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