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Technology and the SAPRO Conundrum

Student Affairs Professionals are not simply required to keep up with the trends that shape their institutions. They are trendsetters, leading the way through new frontiers in student engagement and success. Student Affairs Professionals are also life-long learners, constantly growing to meet the demands of their profession, and most importantly, their students. So, are Student Affairs Professionals best regarded as…

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Lighthouse Mission

Missions Matter.

When I was completing my MBA, one of the most common questions put forward by professors and business leaders was: “What is the mission of X company/business?” Innocuous as the question was, the most widely provided – and accepted – answers were always the same: “To maximize shareholder value.” “To make money.” “To increase sales + revenues.” I decided that…

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First-Year Students Thrive When You Use Tech in Orientation

Although it might seem like orientation is a long ways away, we all know that the best planning begins early, (or has already begun!). A cohort of new students will soon be arriving, eager to discover the campus, make new friends, explore new academic pursuits, and indulge in all that you offer during orientation. However, for these,(predominantly), Generation Z-ers, they’ll…

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help students

3 Concrete Ways an SAPro Can Help Students Academically

As the semester progresses, many students struggle with maintaining their grades. They’re tired of the exams, the papers and the assignments, (and who can blame them?!). At this time, improving their grades might feel like  a daunting task. However, as SAPros, we can help students by making this task less intimidating. By using motivation, feedback and leadership we can help…

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