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3 Ways to Boost Student Survey Response Rates

In order to continually support and engage students, post-secondary institutions must be receptive to their needs and input. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to garnering feedback through student surveys don’t always reap substantial interest or participation, thus limiting their potential to inform campus improvement. So, how should post-secondary institutions go about gathering and utilizing valuable feedback in an age marked by unprecedented…

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Making Higher Education (Modern) Family-Friendly

Post-secondary institutions boast diverse campus communities, comprised of students, staff, and faculty of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Their uniqueness is further evidenced through the intimate social structures to which they belong; as caregivers, adult children, and countless other identities, characterized by various needs and responsibilities. Higher education continues to benefit from increasingly holistic approaches to individual and campus-wide engagement. Needless to…

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International Students: Expectations vs. Reality

Much like the devices they tote around in their pockets, post-secondary students are becoming increasingly mobile; seeking out opportunities to study abroad in numbers upward of 5 million, world-wide. International students go the ‘extra miles’ for the opportunity to earn a quality education, internationally recognized credentials, and cross-cultural experience. The often referred to “expectation versus reality” discrepancy – made popular by…

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Lighthouse Mission

Missions Matter.

When I was completing my MBA, one of the most common questions put forward by professors and business leaders was: “What is the mission of X company/business?” Innocuous as the question was, the most widely provided – and accepted – answers were always the same: “To maximize shareholder value.” “To make money.” “To increase sales + revenues.” I decided that…

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