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How to Embrace Social Media as a Tool to Connect with your Students

Communicating with students is all about being where they are. These days students spend most of their time on social media. Students use social media for entertainment but also to connect with their peers and learn new information. That’s why it’s the ideal place to reach and engage with them.

Twitter is The Best Way to Communicate in Higher Ed

Twitter is the ideal plan for communicating and engaging with students on campus. The opportunities that Twitter offers higher ed institutions are infinite. If you only use one social platform, this should be it.

How To Engage Students by Defining Student Engagement

Promote engagement by: connecting students with their classmates by encouraging collaboration through study sessions; making campus services, department heads and the administration easily accessible to any student who needs information or help, creating and effectively communicating social events that foster social networking such as club fairs, concert events and game nights.

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