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Holding Higher Education Accountable

A recently published article featured on EducationDIVE explores concerns regarding accreditation of post-secondary institutions in the United States. Specifically, it…

Encourage Deep Learning by Emphasizing Study Time

Research shows that the amount of time spent studying isn’t as important as the quality of learning. Students that study…

How Does a College App Drive Student Engagement?

What does it mean to have a college app? How can a college app impact student engagement? What proof is…

5 Picks for ACPA 2016 Educational Sessions

ACPA 2016 is almost here. Bags are being packed, flights have been booked. In less than a week higher ed…

LMS Systems Need To Be Student-Centered and Mobile

LMS Systems that are available on mobile and promote student-centered learning are ideal for student engagement, student success and student retention.

Collect Data to Give Students a Great College Experience

When we’re able to get data on students at higher ed institutions we’re able to make decisions that improve their experience and increase their chances of success.

The Power to Change is What Drives Students to Get Involved

Why do students volunteer for student organizations or student government? For most students, they get involved because they want to enact change. As student affairs professionals, it’s important that we support our students’ drive for change as best we can.

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