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4 Ways Being a Post-Secondary Student is Like Being a New Parent

Beyond excessive caffeine consumption and erratic sleep patterns, being a post-secondary student is similar – in many ways – to being a new parent. Having experienced both simultaneously while completing my Master’s degree, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the two. The following are four pieces of advice that apply to both scenarios: You must take challenges in stride…

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The Great Balancing Act of Campus Mental Health Services

An article recently published by InsideHigherEd sheds some light on the ongoing struggle to balance instant response and referral for high-risk students with ongoing counselling and support. As the article points out, limitations related to financial cost and shortage of personnel, coupled with a growing demand for services, has generated a need for triage systems and waiting lists within campus…

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International Students: Expectations vs. Reality

Much like the devices they tote around in their pockets, post-secondary students are becoming increasingly mobile; seeking out opportunities to study abroad in numbers upward of 5 million, world-wide. International students go the ‘extra miles’ for the opportunity to earn a quality education, internationally recognized credentials, and cross-cultural experience. The often referred to “expectation versus reality” discrepancy – made popular by…

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