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What Could a Sobriety Movement in 2017 Mean for Student Engagement?

Whereas the offer of a mocktail or non-alcoholic-anything may have once elicited eye-rolls among most partygoers on a Saturday night, sobriety has recently gained some attention as a possible wellness trend in 2017. While the obvious question associated with this trend is why people are opting to cut down or abstain from drinking altogether, I find myself asking what seems…

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Is Your Student Affairs Website Accessible?

Student Affairs Professionals are known for their ability to masterfully navigate the many acronyms within higher education. Well, here is new- lesser known, but invaluable- one to add to the expansive Student Affairs repertoire: WCAG 2.0 Developed┬áby the W3C or World Wide Web Consortium, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 include internationally recognized recommendations on making web content accessible for…

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3 Ways to Stimulate Students with Smartphones

The average college student leads an impressive mobile life: some spend up to 5 hours a day looking at their smartphone. Sitting idle in a chair, however, is one of the worst ways to stay engaged, focused and creative. Walking, it turns out, boosts concentration and creativity┬╣. Use mobile technology to get students out of their seats, and on to…

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